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Critter Guarding Solar Panels

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Safeguard Your Solar Investment from Unwanted Intrusion

Secure your residential rooftop solar panels against unwanted intruders such as squirrels, raccoons, rats, and similar critters with Mint Services Company's specialized protection solutions. Our dedication to preserving your investment includes shielding your solar panels from potential damage caused by these unwanted guests.

Comprehensive Defense Solutions Against Intruders

Mint Services Company offers a diverse range of effective products designed to fortify your solar panels against invasive critters. Whether it's deterring squirrels from damaging wiring or preventing the access of raccoons and rats, we understand the risks that can compromise your investment. Our protective measures act as a strong deterrent, preventing damage caused by these critters and reducing the risks of corrosion.

Beyond Critters:
Preventative Maintenance

Critters pose a threat, but it's not the only one. Accumulating debris, such as leaves and dirt, can jeopardize the sensitive electronics beneath the panels. Mint's expert solutions ensure your panels remain free from these obstructions, preserving their effectiveness and preventing costly repairs.

Your Solar Panels, Our Priority

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Environmental Responsibility

Mint Services Company is partnered with Nixalite to provide you with the best-of-the-best critter guarding solutions for your solar panels! Find out more about our products below


SolaTrim Pest Barrier for Solar Panels

Protect your Solar Panels with the SolaTrimTM Pest Abatement Barrier. The SolaTrim Pest Barrier is an all-weather, long lasting Pest and Debris abatement system designed to prevent Critters and Rodents from nesting under or damaging residential solar system arrays.

K-Net HT Bird Nettings

K-Net HT Critter Guard Netting

Use K-Net HT for architectural, aquacultural and agricultural critter exclusion applications. The 3/4” square mesh keeps out most all pest critters. Pound for pound K-Net is the strongest critter and barrier netting available. 

Nixalite Model S Bird Spikes

Nixalite Model S Critter Spikes

Premium Model S Nixalite is our stainless steel, full row critter control spike that deters all pest critters and climbing animals, in all infestation levels and on all types of installation surfaces. It repels ALL critters including squirrels, raccoons, rats, and more.